The CryoSwitch™ is an invaluable automation device for companies that operate equipment using multiple dewars instead of bulk cryogenic liquid systems. The CryoSwitch™ manifold system automatically switches from an empty cylinder to a full cylinder, eliminating disruptions in the liquid supply for a wide range of applications including pharmaceutical and biological research. This control device maximizes product usage by completely drawing down a single cylinder before switching over to the next cylinder in sequence. Current systems are available for high and low pressure operations and can be configured to run with systems that are sensitive to pressure, temperature or liquid level.

Each factory-programmed CryoSwitch™ has its own easy-to-use set-up display, mounted on the front panel, capable of handling up to 4 dewars. Custom systems are also available. Systems can be adapted to any use wherever liquid cryogens are used.

Standard Features

  • Easy to use front panel LCD display
  • Alarm system signals activation and depletion of last cylinder
  • Individual cylinder run time counter
  • Industrial all-steel construction
  • Pre-wired for external alarm or paging system
  • Available in floor or wall mount models

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